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Welcome To Mike's Models

Welcome to my modeling site. I am Mike Aucutt and I have been modeling for 45 years. I grew up in the 60s loving westerns, science fiction and superheros. My favorite modeling subjects are science fiction space ships, modern and historic warships, airplanes and superheros. I am a big fan of Land Of The Giants, Fireball XL5,Stingray,VTTBOTS, Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek.

I also collect toys from "my era" and build HO scale carnival rides. I can never say no to a 60s-70s cap gun!.

09/17/2015  Hello all! Well it's been years since I have updated this site. I have been busy scratchbuilding and kit building as well as action figure construction.

I have also had more than my share of sadness, I lost my beloved wife, my job and injured my spine all in a short period of time. However modeling goes on and I hope to have updates soon.

My largest creation is a 4.5 foot Enterprise C complete with lights. I hope you like it.

1/24/2011 new updates!




Wow where has the year gone-no updates in a year.

I have been diagnosed with a heart condition and will be having open heart surgery in late Febuary so now I have some time for modeling and updating my website.

Projects last year, Models, Moebus pod, 18" Jupiter2 , Chariot, Zorro, Battlestar (not finished) Space Ark

Scratchbuilds: two foot Jupiter 2, Two 1/250 TOS USS ENTERPRISES, Two foot Cessna Bobcat (Sky King)

This years projects: Models: Moonbus, Galaxy Quest ship. Scratchbuilds: SS Minnow, Two foot Fireball Junior, New Valley Forge and considering a studio scale Firefly.

I also worked on some action figures, 8" Steve Zodiac, Steve, Betty Dan from LOTG, The Phantom and a George Reeves Superman.

Also while I am recovering I plan to build some card models-note the cool firefly, it's difficult but a great study for a full sized kit.   

1/24/2011 Very cool cardstock Firefly

My Land Of The Giants Collection